Inscriber TitleMotion 5.1 Pro for Premiere Pro + Standalone

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    Inscriber TitleMotion 5.1 Pro for Premiere Pro + Standalone | 162MB

    TitleMotion Pro for Adobe Premiere is a collection of the most requested features from Titlemotion's user base, and is now an add-on to the feature rich TitleMotion. It completes TitleMotion to make it the best titler on the market, and most importantly the fastest titler on the market. The added features in TitleMotion Pro are targeted at users who want to create more specialized effects on their titles. Adding TitleMotion Pro to your TitleMotion will now allow you to make simple and more complex titles faster then anyone else. it will allow the users to reach new markets and customers who have specialized titling needs, delivering powerful new creation tools for the TitleMotion user.

    TitleMotion also includes a keyframe-based animation component that can be used to add motion to titles. TitleMotion also includes a unique feature that allows editors to animate each character of a title independently. Every moving object including characters, can be flipped, twisted, skewed, or rotated, and filters such as transparency can be applied to the animation over time. Featuring extensive attribute controls for all aspects of design and output, TitleMotion gives Edius Pro users the tools they need to make top-end videographics in a hurry. All graphics created with TitleMotion include full key channel support, so the titles are automatically laid over the digitized video with full transparency.

    Inscriber proudly introduces TitleMotion Pro, the new option for TitleMotion. The Pro option transforms your TitleMotion into an unbeatable titler with 3D text, effects and multi-layered compositor. The award winning TitleMotion is the choice of graphics and post-production artists worldwide as the graphics solution that gives superb titling output. The Pro option completes TitleMotion so the combination is not only the best titler on the market, but most importantly — the fastest titler on the market.

    ■ Key Features of TitleMotion Pro
    ├□ The ability to multi-select items in the animation editor
    ├□ A new template manager that displays multiple templates at once
    ├□ The ability to animate sheen and lights on text over time
    └□ Timesaving on screen preview in the animation module that allows you to see a rendered version of your effect before you save it to your NLE and render it

    ■ TitleMotion:
    ├□ Broadcast Quality Character Generator
    └□ TitleMotion delivers powerful title creation tools and broadcast quality titles to boost the CG power of your NLE. TitleMotion delivers all the standard features you would expect in a professional character generator including crawls, rolls, reveals, dissolves and more. TitleMotion supports resolutions of up to 800x600 in PAL or NTSC. All text and graphics are anti-aliased to an effective resolution of less than 16nS, and specialized functions such as user-definable rise-time filtering, gamma correction, and sub-pixel scrolling text ensure that output quality is the best available on any platform. TitleMotion has many powerful typesetting tools such as direct support for TrueType fonts, a font browser, and the ability to fine-tune your text appearance through kerning, leading, slanting, rotating, and dynamic sizing. The product also gives you control over the appearance of text using 16.8 million colors, 256 levels of transparency, angled ramp shading, and soft-edge shadows and glows. To finish the appearance of text, colors and texture maps can be applied to text foreground, edges, and shadows. Text can also be beveled for a sculpted 3-D appearance, and any word or line can be rotated or set on a customizable spline or circle path.
    ├□ Motion Effects
    └□ You can take titles to the next level with TitleMotion FX animation editor, which enables you to create multi-layered animations consisting of text, logos and graphic objects.
    ├□ Tools for Improved Productivity
    └□ TitleMotion is loaded with tools that will improve workflow and help you get your job done. it comes with user-definable color palettes, a customizable video-safe title area marker, and a time-saving Style Library which lets operators browse, use or edit one of the many pre-designed text styles.
    ├□ 200 Editable Titling Templates
    └□ Even though TitleMotion gives users all the tools they need to create broadcast quality titles, it also ships with many broadcast quality title templates. Time is money in the NLE industry, and the honest truth is that editors do not want to spend a lot of time creating impressive titles for their videos. TitleMotion users can quickly and easily modify existing templates rather than creating a title from scratch. A preview window allows the user to see a template for easier, faster selection.
    └□ Logo Compose
    └□ TitleMotion also has a drawing toolbar for creating boxes, circles, ovals, and spline-based objects with full control over extrusion, colors, blends, shadows, and textures. Because TitleMotion supports multiple layers, you can use the text and drawing tools in unison, and you can also import backgrounds saved in many file formats such as TGA, BMP, PSD and JPEG files. And TitleMotions logo handling capabilities are second to none. Logos can be imported as text objects, which means that logos can be sized, shadowed, tinted, rotated, and manipulated just like text.

    ■ TitleMotion Pro:
    ├□ High quality 3D text
    └□ You won't find another CG on the market capable of animating 3D text over time faster then TitleMotion Pro
    ├□ Animated textures on text
    └□ This feature will allow you to apply an animated .avi to the face, edge and/or side of your 2D and 3D text.
    ├□ 3D animated effects
    └□ This new feature provides over 100 canned 3D effects such as page curls, shatters, flops, black hole, etc. Each of these affects can be applied to your text, logo's or graphic objects. You can even apply the effects to individual characters simultaneously
    ├□ Easy kerning over time
    └□ You are now only a few seconds away from kerning your text over time. Simply apply a second keyframe to the text you want to kern, and then easily set the kerning value and the direction (left, center or right) of the desired text kern.
    ├□ Smart Templates
    └□ Inscriber has always been known for the large variety of pre-designed templates shipped with the product. TitleMotion Pro now allows the user to save an animation path into a template. So you can simply pull up an animated template and type in your text and then save it to your NLE as an animation. You will not find this huge timesaving feature in any of our competitors products.
    └□ New Templates
    └□ All templates and text styles can be modified and updated 100+ new titling templates 175+ 3D Text styles

    ■ System Requirements :
    ├□ Pentium III or faster CPU 512 MB RAM recommended
    ├□ Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT (TitleMotion Pro does not support Windows ME)
    └□ Adobe Premiere v6+ required for NLE plug-in integration

    Works as a plug-in or as a Standalone application.

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