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    Wondertouch Particle Illusion 3.04 is a standalone application that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing effects: explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects - literally hundreds of different types of effects.
    Wondertouch ParticleIllusion is an amazingly cool and almost effortless special effects tool.

    Particle Illusion is for anyone who needs explosions, muzzle flashes, fireworks, waterfalls, realistic effects or psychedelic trips without the drugs. Perhaps best of all, you might not even have to hire a dedicated animator, since you can probably be up and running in an hour.

    Particle FX
    Particle effects are special effects that work by animating small individual graphics into a larger effect. Snow is a good example: one flake is a particle and the complete effect combines these into a snowy New England scene. The snow can float or icily rain down, but a good particle
    effect will completely fool the viewer. Random, natural motion is the key to believable effects and good applications accomplish this with a minimum of hassle.

    Wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries: Hearts, Pyro 1 & 2, Extreme Graphics, Graphics Elements 1 & 2, Eclectic 1 & 2, Graphics and Distortions, Artistic Backgrounds, Logo and Text, Abstract.

    Particle Illusion 3.04 is our fully-featured professional version. It uses the latest version of our particle engine, and can create the largest number of effects, with amazing realism and complexity.
    Wondertouch Professional Emitter Libraries
    The Pro Emitters are a collection of 200 Particle Illusion 3.04.1 emitters arranged into 12 themed libraries.
    No installation required just run particle illusion. Install info for pro libraries included.

    System Requirements:
    1.8 GHz CPU
    256 MB RAM
    1024x768 64MB video card
    with OpenGL support

    Crack only :


    Trang Hướng dẫn của WonderTouch < Website của PI>

    Update lên phiên bản + Crack


    Plugin cho AE

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    Hữu ích thì thank em phát chứ
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    mi`nh ga` ve` vi tinh lam hj`hj`
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